Low-Income For Children & Teens

Our non-profit organization is very focused on getting children and teens in need who need school supplies, food, shoes, clothing, back-to-school supplies, curricular activities, and much more. 
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BCDG foundation helps children in need, our foundation is built on building our children to a better life for the future. We started this foundation to give back to our community in the bay area. Our children are the future of the next generation, we are hoping to help as many children in need as possible. Your donation will help us achieve our goal. 
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Basic Facts about Low-Income Children

Among all children under 18 years in the U.S., 41 percent are low-income children and 19 percent—approximately one in five—are poor. This means that children are overrepresented among our nation’s poor; they represent 23 percent of the population but comprise 32 percent of all people in poverty. Many more children live in families with incomes just above the poverty threshold.

Being a child in a low-income or poor family does not happen by chance. Parental education and employment, race/ethnicity, and other factors are associated with children’s experience of economic insecurity. If you want to learn more about basic facts you can learn more - HERE
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Your donation allows those in need to receive - food, clean water, medical care and educational support.  

Every penny counts and we appreciate your generosity.
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