Low-Income For Housing

BCDG Foundation; helps house owners, renters, or apartment renters in need of housing, whether it's utilities, back rent, security deposit to move into a safer neighborhood, or first month's rent, we got you covered. 
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What We Cover?

BCDG Foundation covers the following for Low-income housing
  • Homeowners- In need of assistance on your utility bill.
  • House Renters - Renting a home and you need assistance on your utility bill.
  • Apartment Renters -  Renting an apartment and you need assistance on your utility bill.
  • Utilities for your home or a rented property- If you are behind on your water, electric, gas, or trash bill.
  • First-month rent - When you move into your new place or need the security deposit for your place.
*All our help is very limited per person or household*
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Your donation allows those in need to receive - utility assistance for your home, apartment, and much more

Every penny counts and we appreciate your generosity.
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